Advisory & Consulting Services

Financial Derivatives Valuation Consulting

  • We offer solutions to complex accounting issues including financial valuation and recording of derivatives and the related required disclosure issues. Our experienced professional consulting team remains on top of the latest accounting guidance in this area and can assist management with the identification of embedded derivatives which affect many smaller businesses. 

CFO Support Work

  • Our comprehensive accounting services can provide your business the time to focus on your core business operations while we focus on the processing and reporting of financial information. Whether your business is a public entity or private company we can customize the scope of our services to meet your specific needs. 

Wealth Management & Strategic Estate Planning

  • Strategies and approaches to protect your personal wealth must adapt to changing tax environments and requirements. When it comes to your wealth management many factors can influence your decisions. Our professionals can assist you develop the most effective tax and estate planning tools to reach your personal goals. We understand that a well-developed plan can help you optimize your wealth and create a lasting legacy. 

Business Succession Planning

  • Retirement from your business is far more complex than just not having to show up for work every day. Decisions ensuring that you have both enough capital to retire and planning for what will happen to your business are crucial. If your business is going to transition to family members, the task can be more complex due to the emotions and relationships. We can assist your create a personalized strategy that will benefit your business, your heirs and your retirement ensuring that you have a smooth transition that rewards both your personal retirement and the continuation of your business.