DSK Law Firm Meet ‘N Greet

Alliance relationships are paramount and a fact of life in any business today.  This past August, BB&K delighted in sharing a meal and stories as they warmly welcomed DSK Law to their offices.

BB&K Tax Partners Heather Kovalsky and Kara Keyes, along with BB&K Audit Manager, Cong Nguyen attended.  DSK Law Tampa Managing Partner, Bart Valdes, along with Associates Amber Ashton, Kendra McCan and Cameron Frye attended.

This luncheon marked the beginning of newly forged connections and offers all concerned an option on the future, opening new doors and opportunities.

DSK Law was founded in 1976 and has grown into one of Central Florida’s largest law firms. The firm operates offices in Orlando, Tampa and Tallahassee and employs over 100 persons, including more than 50 experienced attorneys.  Their size and diversity allows them to provide a broad range of legal services for their clients, both business and personal.