Firm Values

Since the founding of the firm in 1961, we have operated under and have been guided by a set of principles and core values that have enabled the firm and its people to succeed. These core values are inherent and critical to empowering our people to self-expression, open communication, and personal performance and recognition. The firm has been committed to these core values, as they are the foundation for our success. Initially, these values were simply expressed through the way our people lived them. We share these values with our people so that they may understand, embrace, and be guided by them.

TRUST is the principal value and forms the foundation for all the other values.

Trust has its embodiment in the character and competence of the individual. To be trustworthy, we must demonstrate the character and competence that will allow others to trust us. Character comes from our behavior. Competence comes from our skills. We must instill and build trust among the members of the firm, our customers, and our community.

INTEGRITY in our thoughts, actions, and responses will serve our best long-term interests.

Integrity is a character trait that provides us with the ability to act in a manner to do what is right. We will accept responsibility for honesty and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in our behavior. Our firm and profession are based upon our integrity to standards; our business reputation is grounded by the integrity with our customers; and our personal character is measured by our adherence to integrity.

RESPECT for others and acknowledgement of differences will allow for better personal understanding and growth.

Respect is generally given but most always earned. We must be willing and open to listen and to understand the needs and concerns of our people and customers. We must listen first before we can begin to understand. When we understand and appreciate the viewpoint of others, we will earn their respect and develop their trust.

EXCELLENCE is the benchmark for our performance.

Excellence is the performance standard which allows us to be our best and to deliver this performance on a consistent basis. We will understand the performance expectation and be uncompromising in our attitude to deliver services which will exceed the expectations. We will challenge ourselves to improve our skills and abilities to pursue personal excellence.

CARING for others and demonstrating compassion provides for the personal bond between our people and our customers.

We will have a genuine interest in our people, customers, and community in which we live. We will learn and appreciate the personal side of our working relationships. We will help one another through business and personal issues.

COMMITMENT and RESPONSIBILITY will attach to each of our undertakings.

Passion, sincere interest, and enthusiasm when aligned with commitment and responsibility are required for our success. We are determined to fulfill upon our commitments, to keep our promises, and to hold up our end of a responsibility on the projects and tasks that we accept. To maintain and retain commitment require hard work. We accept the responsibility for the hard work and know that it is fair to be measured by our determination to keep our commitments and performance.

LEARNING and GROWTH are a continuing process that we embrace and encourage.

We know that each day brings a new challenge and new opportunity. We must learn and grow to meet these challenges and to take advantage of the opportunities. The firm encourages and supports professional and personal growth to assist people in meeting challenges and achieving success with the opportunities.

TEAMWORK is embraced and essential to our success.

A team will create more value than any one member. The collective effort of the firm will result in more effective solutions to issues. We work hard to meet our goals and equally hard to keep the firm an enjoyable workplace. We will be known for our high energy, enthusiasm, and competitive drive all within a team spirit environment. We will succeed as a team and refrain from assigning failure to the individual. Our doors are always open and we strive to be inclusive to every team member. Our professional opportunity is driven by the multiple talents of our people, not on the skills of one. We will grow as a team to ensure a multi-generational professional firm. It is all about us.

PROFITS and REWARDS are important to our future.

We are business owners and professionals that work hard at becoming economically successful, as well as reward hard work and success. Our people understand that as professionals they are also business owners in the making, and our business model allows them this opportunity. We are career-minded professionals who accept ownership and responsibility to deliver high value services for which we will be fairly compensated in the marketplace. We share our economic success with our people and invest our economic resources to insure our continuing success.