Employee Benefit Plans

The accounting and tax issues involved with employer-provided benefit plans can be overwhelming. We can assist with the development, implementation and administration of your employee benefit plan.


Employee Benefit Plan audits have increasingly become the subject of scrutiny by the Department of Labor ("DOL"). The auditing of these plans is a very specialized and unique service and Brimmer Burek & Keelan LLP is a leader in this area. The guidance and knowledge we provide is critical to the Plan Sponsors, given the incredible amount of fiduciary responsibility involved. We have been commended by clients for our superior service and hands-on partner involvement, as compared to our local, regional and national competitors.

At BB&K our approach to 401(k) plan audits is based on years of experience. For over twelve years, one of our areas of concentration has been auditing and serving 401(k) and other employee benefit plans.

BB&K 401(k) plan audit engagement teams offers:

  • Personal, responsive service to plan sponsors
  • Knowledgeable 401(k) benefit plan auditors
  • Efficient, cost-effective 401(k) plan audits
  • Special efforts to provide consistency in staffing from year to year so that your engagement team is always familiar with your plan.

Our typical audit procedures are designed to identify potential compliance pitfalls in addition to opportunities for enhancing procedures and controls. It is our practice to communicate these matters promptly and provide workable recommendations for improved efficiency.

Our audit best practices include:

  • Providing a comprehensive list of schedules required.
  • Providing a timeline from inception to completion.
  • Documented, streamlined audit approach.
  • Continuing professional education specific to benefit plans.

We train our people so you don’t have to!