Health Care Reform Alert

Health Care Reform Alert

Beginning October 1, 2013, employers are required to provide written notices to all employees regardless of benefit enrollment status or full or part-time status, about health coverage options, including notification about federal and state health insurance marketplaces.  Employers can send the notices by mail or electronically.  In 2014, an employer will have 14 days from the employee’s start date to provide a notice.

The Department of Labor has provided model notices for employers who do not offer insurance, as well as for employers who offer coverage to some or all employees.  Employers can also create their own notices, which must include: 

  • An explanation of the marketplaces;
  • A reference to for employees to get information;
  • Information about premium subsidies that may be available to employees if they purchase a qualified health insurance plan through a marketplace; and
  • Notification that employees may lose their employer contribution to the health plan if it is obtained through a marketplace.

COBRA election notices for continuation coverage must also include information about the marketplaces.

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