Tax Services

Corporation/Partnership/S Corp/LLC Tax Services

  • We serve our clients through each stage of their business from formation (see Entity Selection below) or acquisition to succession planning or disposition and perform work for both privately and publicly held companies. In addition to the preparation of federal tax returns for the different types of business, we prepare many state and local tax filings, including income, franchise, gross receipts, sales and use, personal property, and payroll. We counsel on the impact of current tax legislation on your business and offer advice for tax reduction strategies both currently and proactively as new legislation is enacted.

Estate & Trust Tax Services

  • Planning for the transfer of your wealth can be an intimidating process, especially when you would like to minimize unfortunate tax consequences. In addition to the preparation of gift, trust and estate tax returns, we can assist you with the analysis of your financial condition and work out a tax-advantaged plan to transfer your assets to your loved ones or favorite charities during your life or at death. We work with you, your legal counsel and financial advisors to ensure that your goals for maximizing wealth accumulation and/or distribution are achieved. If you have wealth transfer strategies already in place, we can review the documents to ensure that they meet your directives while minimizing tax implications.

Private Foundations Tax Services

  • From the establishment to the dissolution of a private foundation, we can guide you through the government record-keeping and reporting requirements, including filing for tax-exempt status and preparation of the private foundation annual return. Our professionals are knowledgeable about specific tax rules, such as, limitations on investments, distribution requirements and transactions between substantial contributors, for these types of entities.

Individuals Tax Services

  • Our objective is to provide you with the most favorable tax treatment under the law. We analyze changes in tax legislation and look for tax savings opportunities that may benefit your personal circumstances. In addition to the preparation of your individual income tax return, we provide assistance in the preparation of income tax projections, advice as to the timing of income and deductions and information on the tax impact of changes in filing circumstances for spouses (separation, divorce and death) and dependents.

IRS Examination & Controversy Representation

We have represented our clients before the Internal Revenue Service and state tax authorities in tax examinations and a variety of other matters. A few examples of controversies that we have assisted with are worker classification, tax accounting methods, and asset and inventory capitalization.

Entity & Jurisdiction Selection Planning

  • Choosing the form of entity for your business (e.g. sole proprietor, S Corporation, Limited Liability Company, etc.) and the location of your business is a crucial decision that can have longstanding tax implications, positive or negative. We can assist you in evaluating the pros and cons of each entity type and taxing jurisdiction to help you determine the most advantageous form and location for your business.

Transactional Structuring

  • To make sure that you are limiting your tax exposure while planning for transactions, we can interpret the tax implications of contracts before you sign them or assist you with any related tax analysis while a transaction is under consideration. Whether buying or selling an asset, investment, or business, our involvement will ensure that you control the transaction cost by minimizing potential tax risks and consequences.

Cost Segregation Studies

Who can wait 39 years to recover the costs you spent on the building you just purchased? Cost segregation is a proven way to reduce cost recovery time and increase cash flow.

  • Cost segregation services consist of in-depth studies to establish the shortest proper federal tax depreciation life and maximize the utilization of applicable sales tax exemptions in connection with the acquisition cost of real property. Our goal is to accelerate the federal and state income tax benefit arising from depreciating the structure. We work with engineering professionals to ensure that you optimize your tax benefits while adhering to current tax pronouncements and government documentation requirements.

Sales & Use Tax Planning

  • Our sales and use tax advisors can review and identify refund opportunities from changes in law, interstate purchases, statutory exemptions and billing errors.

Research & Development Credits

  • The research and development tax laws are highly complex. These laws were designed to lower the after-tax cost of research and development, inducing companies to invest more in these activities. We can help you determine if your business is eligible for potential benefits and assist with the administrative burden of determining exactly what costs are eligible and the best methodology to utilize these credits currently.

Payroll & Benefit Services

  • The sheer number of employer provided benefit plans available can be overwhelming to most business owners. We can narrow the field for you and assist in the development and administration of benefit plans and qualified retirement plans that result not only in substantial tax advantages, but will also help you provide for both the current and future needs of you and your employees.