“The assistance and advice on the many issues connected with our financing and stock options was invaluable. The business combination to form the new entity was a difficult and complex transaction, requiring expertise in both tax and audit applications, two areas at which your firm excelled.”  
- L.K., former CFO of an Electronics Packaging company

“Aside from being extremely professional and knowledgeable, your staff has always been empathetic to our needs. Our firm has certainly benefited from this relationship and hope to continue as we maintain our present growth and move forward.”
- B.M., COO of an Engineering firm 

“The assistance you provided in our merger and acquisition activity was most helpful. I look forward to a long relationship in the future.”
- C.B., President of Software and Technology Consulting company 

“The Tampa accounting firm of Brimmer, Burek & Keelan LLP has served as accountants to this firm for 20 years. BB&K has provided us with tax, consulting, accounting, and bookkeeping services on an ongoing basis, improving our effectiveness and efficiency as a law firm.”
- R.B., Shareholder of a Debtors' Rights Law firm

“On behalf of my company, I would like to take this opportunity to thank your firm for such excellent service and professionalism over the past several years. Your advice and expertise have been invaluable to both my company and me personally.”
- J.H., Director of a Multi State Distribution company 

“We have truly benefited from your comprehensive business planning that has helped us increase our bottom line and reach our long-term strategic goals.”
- D.S., President of a Commercial Construction company

“We have been using BB&K for more than 30 years and we have been very satisfied with the invaluable service provided.  They are very professional, knowledgeable, detailed in communication, and personable which makes BB&K extremely helpful in business and personal accounting matters.  I highly recommend their services."
- A.Z., Shareholder of a Medical practice 

“Our initial experience with BB&K dealt successfully with revising our ownership structure with various partners in a number of business entities.  BB&K has been most useful in reviewing cash flow planning, tax minimization and strategic tax strategies that we implement in our business operations.  BB&K has been very responsive to our needs.”
- M.B., Real Estate Developer and Operations President

“The firm has taken care of my financial reporting needs and kept my taxes at a minimum.  I am pleased with the services that I receive from BB&K.  I enjoy the company of the partner servicing me, as his thinking is in the same direction as mine, regarding the business decisions I have made.  Of special note is the Deep Water Horizon Settlement program.  Without BB&K, I would have never thought I would have been eligible and BB&K was able to successfully process my claim.  The service I receive from BB&K gives me great comfort.”
- M.P., President, Real Estate and Manufacturing Businesses

 “In 2004, the Company started looking for a firm to prepare our 401k Plan’s annual audit.  After speaking to several firms and interviewing the prospective firms, we decided to hire BB&K for our 401k plan audit.  The following year we were so pleased with how the audit went and the personnel of BB&K, we brought them on board for the preparation of our Reviewed Financial Statements needed for our banking and bonding capacities.  In 2006 and 2007, we consulted with BB&K during the negotiation and eventual purchase of a management buyout transaction.  BB&K’s advice was very instrumental in assisting with the details of the transaction.  Going forward we have continued to use BB&K for the Reviewed Financial Statements, as well as the review of our S Corporation tax return, along with trust returns and individual tax returns for the owner’s family and other matters related to wealth management.  BB&K has always been very prompt in answering questions that we might have throughout the relationship, too.”
- T.M., Construction Contractor Treasurer


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